Even though I’m not anything near young, I am still learning who I am and what I want to do when I grow up. It occurred to me a few years ago that I am like a chameleon, constantly changing to fit my current situation, thus the name of the blog,  the-creative-chameleon.

Right now, I am Grandma to a beautiful 3-year old granddaughter and a 3-month old set of triplet boys – YES, I said TRIPLETS! They are all healthy, happy and the love of my life. I spend as much time as possible helping my daughter-in-law with the boys and I have never let a week go by without a visit with Nora, my granddaughter.  I also have a wonderful husband, Jim, a pharmacist and three grown children — Brendan, dad to the triplets, Meghan, a PharmD, and Heather, mother of Nora.

I have worked in medicine as a medical transcriptionist, in manufacturing as an executive secretary and purchasing agent, in woodworking as a demonstrator and salesman, in digital printing as a business owner and graphic designer, in development as the builder of a commercial building , in real estate as a home builder and remodeler, and in business as the owner of a beauty salon and spa.  As you can see, I never really decided on a career!

I have always been a homemaker and a doer. When my kids were little I made all of their clothes, even their underwear! I have always been involved in various creative outlets including quilting, embroidery, gardening, woodworking and anything DIY. Like most people I know, we try to make to most out of what we have (or can find) to create an inviting and comfortable home.

Recently, I have been a contributor to e-How in various departments and that has led me to the blogging world. What a wonderful place to share information and ideas! I hope that I can add something to this community by sharing my experience in a variety of areas. I believe that you learn from everything you do and that knowledge can be transferred to other areas of your life.